Thursday, May 26, 2011


did you ever hit that point where you have to admit you're addicted to electronic/Internet/instant communication?

i did yesterday. my name's lex and i'm an addict. i prefer the term techno geek. had to run up to the store. literally 1 mile round trip and would be away from home for 15minutes. realized halfway that i'd forgot my phone. I ALMOST TURNED AROUND! ack! i didn't. but, the "what if someone texts me?" did cross my mind. pretty sad eh? but, i know i'm not alone.
then, there's the whole computer/internet deal.  did you ever think about how your must have suddenly is last years? what do you do? upgrade the old one? buy a new one? who knows. i own a desktop that literally has dust on it. i haven't used it in over a year. my main computer is a laptop. she's my girl. gets used daily. about a month ago, i saw a netbook on sale. figured when traveling it's light. then, see a great deal on a tablet  last week. "ooooh, that could fit in my bag and go everywhere". my phone does a lot of the same stuff. do i need 4 computers? hell no! it's the must have the latest thing. give it 3-4 months and it'll all be outdated.

i really do think it's an addiction. and, it's so common. when i was my oler son's age, i never thought to save up for the latest game system or tablet pc.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

surgery done

well, 3 actually. hence why I've been quiet. ah the joys of dental issues.