Saturday, June 28, 2014

cash cow apps

I really wish Google would get off their high horse about needing a Google+ acct to leave a review on play store. It'd be nice to know that a bit into the app you now love like "BTW, it'll cost you real money to move on". I was playing a game. Reached a point where in order to level up you need a certain object. OK easy enough. Nope. In order to get that, you'll need to do this. But, you can't do this without the other being done. Or you can pay real money.
Shouldn't they warn you? It's like the " in app purchases". That can mean anything. Too many positive reviews always makes me wonder. Or invite your 8million facebook friends. I don't have a Facebook. I deleted it as I hate drama and app requests. Let's face it, can you sum up Facebook any better? Or egogram.....I mean instagram.
The whole point. Well one of them is that people aren't getting honest opinions. People don't want yet another type of social media to follow them around