Sunday, June 26, 2011

comment fixed

after much annoyance, it seems the comment mess is fixed. actually commented on 2 blogs without the endless sign in cycle. what a pain.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

tall? no really?

background: i have2 boys, 14 and 4. (yes, I'm insane). they're both tall for their age. the older is lanky. the younger is a bruiser. realize I'm just shy of 6ft myself.
this is pretty  normal event to happen.

i have to feed them (the law says). so, we head out to *soandso restaurant*.
we get seated.
the server comes over. then, the fun begins.
she takes drink order. delivers them to the table. during order idle chitchat.

looking at older son: do you play basketball?
i roll my eyes.
he makes some sort of "pfhdjfkhsk" typical teen noise and ignores server rest of the time we're there. hello PSP!
server makes a "you should! it's good money" comment.
i "laugh" and say "we get that a lot".
to get away from THAT server asks focuses on younger son. (kid chat = good tips?) he talks like a 4 yr old. he wants his FOOD.
me: sorry. he's 4.
(why oh why did i say that? i should've brought duck tape. wait, it doesn't cure stupid.)
server: WOW you make big boys!

i guess she noticed the annoyed "ya gotta be kidding me you actually yelled that" look on my face. at least, this time the word football didn't come out.

i've always wondered if people with short/small children get comments like:
maybe you should invest in stilt walking
there's always the circus
horse jockey is an option

Thursday, June 23, 2011

cars cars cars

there is a set of unwritten (maybe written) rules regarding someone "trading" cars with you for the day. please take these to heart. ok, probably not. but, cmon! ready!?!?!?!

1. (this is a biggie).... tell me if you don't have AC! not "it blows pretty good" or "it's cold enough". this is florida. it's gets HOT HUMID. like turn the oven on at home to 500 with the door open and leave it on for 6 days. maybe a hint like "pants may be optional".

2.make sure your car is clean. and, i'm not saying the outside. we're talking inside here! no trash. no stinky shoes. no mold! i don't want to think about something biting me.

3. i give you my car with gas. return the favor. could this be more true? nuff said.

i may add later.

note to cat

dear furry old monster sleeping on my bed,

yeah, you cat. i'm starting to think you aren't reading my notes and we may have to have a foot and rumpus....errr...i mean heart to heart. my feet with or without covers are not your playtoys. really. i'd be an ever so happy more willing to feed you kind of person if you'd please take this to heart. sleeping in shoes just isn't good. hurts the feet. and isn't really a thing anyone wants to do.

no love what so ever,
the chick who could totally blame the strong meds

Thursday, June 16, 2011

it's a job!

this has been in my head for awhile now. it's not toward anyone in particular. just something I'm sick of reading/seeing/hearing.
has anyone else noticed all these people who can't find a job? yeah, the job market sucks. BUT, try applying at target, walmart, gas stations, restaurants, Kmart, mall jobs etc etc etc. if you've been looking for months/years and are making 0 income. hello! these places provide an income while you search for that "better" job. my friend asked to borrow money for bills. she refuses to apply anywhere that is "below her status". asking to borrow $800 says they aren't. true?
when times are tough, a job's a job.

*end rant*

Friday, June 10, 2011

friday 5

5 things (not people) you couldn't live without:

1. AIR. yeah, it's pretty much needed.
2. food/water. see #1.
3. my phone. i love droids.
4. the house.
5. the vehicle.
6. oh and clothing. the whole jail/gross people out deal.

i can't help but be sarcastic about this. most "things" are material.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

blogger problems

is anyone else not able to post comments on other blogger sites?  i tried on 2 that i follow over the past few days. says i need to sign in, then takes me back to my dashboard. annoying definitely.
and, i know, if you can post to this entry, it's a no. hee!

what next?

enjoy the small things. great saying. true. hopefully the big stuff isn't too bad.

last weekend, we went canoeing. seems like it's been forever since the last time. ever been in a canoe with a 4 yr old?we'll say it was an interesting start. but, ended up being really fun.
I'm off today. so, it's said 4 yr old and i. nasty weather. so, just watching a lot of movies at home. did brave the rain to get lunch.  who knows what's next.