Saturday, June 25, 2011

tall? no really?

background: i have2 boys, 14 and 4. (yes, I'm insane). they're both tall for their age. the older is lanky. the younger is a bruiser. realize I'm just shy of 6ft myself.
this is pretty  normal event to happen.

i have to feed them (the law says). so, we head out to *soandso restaurant*.
we get seated.
the server comes over. then, the fun begins.
she takes drink order. delivers them to the table. during order idle chitchat.

looking at older son: do you play basketball?
i roll my eyes.
he makes some sort of "pfhdjfkhsk" typical teen noise and ignores server rest of the time we're there. hello PSP!
server makes a "you should! it's good money" comment.
i "laugh" and say "we get that a lot".
to get away from THAT server asks focuses on younger son. (kid chat = good tips?) he talks like a 4 yr old. he wants his FOOD.
me: sorry. he's 4.
(why oh why did i say that? i should've brought duck tape. wait, it doesn't cure stupid.)
server: WOW you make big boys!

i guess she noticed the annoyed "ya gotta be kidding me you actually yelled that" look on my face. at least, this time the word football didn't come out.

i've always wondered if people with short/small children get comments like:
maybe you should invest in stilt walking
there's always the circus
horse jockey is an option

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