Wednesday, March 9, 2011

#25 will miss

when i finally leave Florida 1 thing i will so miss and I'm not being sarcastic is the shuttle. the space shuttle that is. i can watch the launches from my back yard. the night launches are amazing. a true marvel. it's so bright, you'd swear is daytime. when they're landing, you get the sonic booms. to this day, after all these years, they still startle me. then, 2 seconds later you say "please let that be the shuttle". happened a few minutes ago BTW. people who aren't used to it always ask if something hit the building. ha!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


anyone else have a (not so secret) hatred for facebook?

i have 1 to "keep in touch"/appease my family. but, rarely post on it.

there are 3 types of posters. my own opinion.
1. every little thing poster.
"going to bed" "at the store buying tampons" "eating dinner" etc
2. everything i post has to be super important/political/annoying.
do i really need to say more? uppity uppity uppity.
3. 50000000003 "friends" and never post a thing.
this 1 is rather creepy. almost stalkerish.

Monday, March 7, 2011

just wha????

I've seen it all in my many years alive. I've seen a man in a pink thong roller skating down the street in key west, fl. I've seen a guy (being paid i think) painted gold in gold lame in Florence, Italy. I've seen a lady with dreads to look like moose antlers in Kingston Jamaica.

today, i saw an accident that just showed how stupid people can be. had to run up to the convenience store. get stuck behind this lady who couldn't maintain a single lane. hell, i figured she was drunk. the being cut off 3x in less than a mile gave that idea. then, she sideswipes the car along side her...bad. remember i said i'd never stop to give my side of an accident again. i just felt bad for the lady she hit. why was she driving this way?
SHE WAS ON HER CELL PHONE AND PAINTING HER NAILS (fingers and toes). the best part was she had the balls to blame the other person. yep. sorry lady, but the 4 cars who stopped all gave a story to the officer. it's your fault.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

just random- weight

did you ever notice that if you're thin, people assume you have no issues with your body? like "I'm thin so everything is exactly how i want". you say "i'd like to tone up my stomach" or (heaven forbid) "i'd like to gain a few pounds". i'm really not fond of the word issues. we could say things to change.

crazy weather

hard to believe I'm already having problems with a pollen covered car. it's kind of odd as it's shorts weather here and family is complaining of snow/highs of 40.