Tuesday, March 8, 2011


anyone else have a (not so secret) hatred for facebook?

i have 1 to "keep in touch"/appease my family. but, rarely post on it.

there are 3 types of posters. my own opinion.
1. every little thing poster.
"going to bed" "at the store buying tampons" "eating dinner" etc
2. everything i post has to be super important/political/annoying.
do i really need to say more? uppity uppity uppity.
3. 50000000003 "friends" and never post a thing.
this 1 is rather creepy. almost stalkerish.

1 comment:

  1. These types of posters are exactly why I quit Facebook. I had a bunch of friends that seemed like they never worked. It made me angry when I was slaving away 80 hours a week and they were having public chats through Facebook comments with their live-in significant others, who also apparently didn't work. ^_^ Just stopping by from S-B Follow My Blogger Swap. You can visit me at http://www.vanillaperv.blogspot.com <3 Vanillaperv