Monday, March 7, 2011

just wha????

I've seen it all in my many years alive. I've seen a man in a pink thong roller skating down the street in key west, fl. I've seen a guy (being paid i think) painted gold in gold lame in Florence, Italy. I've seen a lady with dreads to look like moose antlers in Kingston Jamaica.

today, i saw an accident that just showed how stupid people can be. had to run up to the convenience store. get stuck behind this lady who couldn't maintain a single lane. hell, i figured she was drunk. the being cut off 3x in less than a mile gave that idea. then, she sideswipes the car along side her...bad. remember i said i'd never stop to give my side of an accident again. i just felt bad for the lady she hit. why was she driving this way?
SHE WAS ON HER CELL PHONE AND PAINTING HER NAILS (fingers and toes). the best part was she had the balls to blame the other person. yep. sorry lady, but the 4 cars who stopped all gave a story to the officer. it's your fault.

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