Wednesday, October 20, 2010

#12 will miss

this is going to sound horrible. but, one thing i will miss is screwing with stupid tourists. I'm not talking about the cool ones. this is for the oblivious ones.
example: a few years ago, i was at a gas station. there was a hurricane heading straight for the area. (3 in a few months). a tourist (touron) asked me if
1. Disney would stay open (i guessed no. i don't work there. watch the news)
2. would Disney be safe.
3. what about her park-hopper passes?
i told her that Disney has a special dome that covers the parks for just such a reason. she believed me. didn't even catch on to the sarcasm about the employees not giving a damn what happens to their family/homes. and, definitely don't get nasty at a store/restaurant/gas station and expect correct directions. you'll end up in utah before sea world.


  1. I'm following from a swap-bot. Great site! I'm currently following you on my blog-

    Hope you get to stop by soon! ~Deb

  2. hahah... this made me laugh. one of my theories is that when people go on vacation... they're whole BRAIN going on vacation and they become complete idiots (ask stupid questions and don't read signs). i used to work a the airport, and now i work at the seaport. "tourons" (as you call them) are everywhere!

    keep up the great posts!

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