Sunday, December 26, 2010

5 fashions i hate

everyone has those styles they you hate. here's mine.

1. skinny jeans
it takes a certain body type to pull these off. i don't think it exists. or everyone hasn't found the right size. muffintops on someone who is 5'6" and 100lbs shouldn't be. and guys wearing them low should be illegal.
2. white pants/skirts
i don't want to see your underwear. nuf said.
3. strapless/halter/"sexy" neckline with a regular bra
it doesn't look sexy. it looks rather cheap and trashy. buy the proper bra for the shirt.
4. super baggy pants worn low
again, i don't want to see your underwear. though, watching you trying to run across the street is mildly amusing.
5. short shorts with a huge thick coat
maybe this is a Florida thing. you see girls wearing super short shorts, flip flops, a tank top and a huge parka-like jacket. just wha?!?!?!?! does the bottom half not get cold what so ever.

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