Thursday, January 13, 2011

#21 will miss


credit to wiki

i know some of you are saying "will miss? is she nuts?" hear me out on this. it's an amazing storm. 99% of the time you have ample time to know to get out of the way. (let's face it, they don't sneak up on places). choice surfing conditions. after a certain amount, you get to the point of realizing they aren't scary. you respect them.

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  1. Hello from sb swap! I have truly only been in 1 bad Hurricane (Ike 2008) and the threat of a few -including Rita 2005 -and after effects of Katrina 2005 --relocation of people coming to Houston. Hearing their stories and seeing the anxiety that Katrina brings back each time there is a threat out in the Gulf.

    I agree that they give us ample time to 'get out' for hurricanes, unlike mudslides, blizzards, floods, fires, tornados.

    Love & peace from Texas!
    leecytx ALYCE