Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i'm alive

still here.
~the past 2 months have been dental problems. that should change next week.
~i look at this as a fun place to goof around. but, things i won't miss seems mean when so many have lost everything recently. yeah, the disasters. have friends over there.


  1. This is Sillyna511 from swapbot, now following your blog! I'm glad you can get all your dental problems taken care of soon. Dental pain is the worst!

    Good luck on your move. I totally understand what you mean about your "things I won't miss" posts seem less light-hearted after such tragedy has struck our nation. I'm sure people there had their own "things I won't miss" lists, at least in their minds... but now are finding they miss all of it, now that it is gone :( So terribly terribly sad!

  2. Vanillaperv here from Swap-Bot. Yes, I'm back for round two. I recently read another blog about how people have donated much less to Japan than Haiti. It's pretty scary. <3 Vanillaperv