Monday, November 29, 2010

question of the day

do you thing that laser tattoo removal has made people more likely to get a tattoo?

background story~~~~
(i have 7 tattoos. ranging from silver dollar size to a large part of my back)
so, I'm at the salon yesterday getting my eyebrows done. there's 2 chairs in there. the other chair is occupied by a early 20something girl and her friend is sitting off to the side. (i swear they found the need to talk as loud as possible while sitting 4 ft away). i glance up to see that the friend has a very badly tattooed arm sleeve ~ poor shading, missing/varying outline, etc. what caught my attention was that they were saying the tattooist knew he screwed up. and, as so many people do anymore had had the work done at someones house. permanent body art out of a garage? bedroom? kitchen table? sorry. I'll pay the extra cash for a sterile licensed tattoo shop. and, what comes next with them? naming other person who does "awesome ink" cheap from his HOUSE. i had to laugh.


  1. hello! I'm LvBeii from Swap-Bot! In Malaysia parents are still pretty conservative so I never gotten a tattoo because they would be upset.

    But I do agree that if I have one made, to be done at a licensed tattoo shop,because afterall they will be ON my skin unless if I decide to have it removed later!

  2. To answer your question,,,,probably, but it still is not a fix all, I've seen the results. Lex, I'm following on both your blogs now. Hope you'll follow on mine, I have two also.
    Cheers, Coleen in Ukraine

  3. Some people just aren't smart. Getting a tattoo removed can be just as expensive and painful as getting it to begin with. I definitely wouldn't let just anybody do it either!
    Btw, I'm Pikaboo from the Blogger-Make new friends swap on swapbot!