Friday, November 19, 2010

sometimes just smile

a lot of people have been posting about how bad/rough/horrid life is. so, let me tell you a little story. it's a real child no less. when things seem to get bad repeat..........................

steven is a friend of damien's. he's 13yr old. raised by a single mom and 2 adult sisters. very well mannered. just a sweet kid. but, his name shouldn't be steven. it should be murphy s law. yep, murphy's law. the safest place in the world is probably standing next to him. here's a few of the many many many reasons:
1. gets to my house to see damien and precedes to explain that the front tire fell off his bike. thankfully he wasn't on the bike at the time.
2. riding his bike and the chain falls off. not jump the track. totally off the bike. (still can't figure this one out.)
3. goes to school on monday, breaks wrist playing FLAG football. (isn't that the no tackle type? hello?)
4. same week as broken wrist, comes back to school on friday. same P.E. class, takes basketball to face. *edit* broken nose
5. while going for pencil in pocket, stabs himself. nurse visit.

i think if i was his mother i'd be a) a stressed out mess b) full gray and c) wrapping the boy in bubble wrap daily.

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